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The 21CCLC grantees have the opportunity to participate in five committees that complete planning and activities for the 21CCLC Network throughout the year. Each committee is chaired by a local 21CCLC director or program staff. The committees will share out a summary of their work annually via the Impact Conference or a monthly Best Practice Webinar. Committees meet bi-monthly over conference call or Zoom.

Iowa's 21CCLC Committees are:


Each committee will have a Chair to direct the agenda, work, and activities of the committee. Some committees may wish to have a chair and a co-chair. The IAA will provide the conference call number to the committee chairs to utilize for their phone meetings and help facilitate parts of the process. However, the work will be more authentic and focused by having those who run programs providing the leadership, decision-making and day-to-day work of the committees via their roles as either committee chair or committee members.

Role of the Committee Chair

  • Set the agenda for each meeting

  • Facilitate discussion according to the meeting agenda

  • Coordinate the work of the committee

  • Select a note-taker for each committee meeting; the note-taker will be responsible for turning around notes in a period no longer than two weeks following the meeting

  • Participate as a working member of the committee

  • Develop and monitor a work plan for the committee

Role of Committee Members

  • Participate regularly in the scheduled meetings of the committee

  • Work with the committee chair in setting the work plan for the committee

  • Communicate, as needed, with the committee members and chair

  • Fully engage in discussions

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